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Brazilian author Luciano Pires just launched his new e-book “Leadership Diaries”, a collection of real experiences on leading people, processes and yourself.

How do we come to terms with the lack of leaders in a world where everyone discusses, preaches and encourages leadership? Something is wrong. That is the background of “Leadership Diaries”. Whether organizing a birthday party, raising money for flood victims, inviting friends to a party or a soccer game on a Saturday morning, all of these activities require someone to play the leadership role. It seems like some people were born ready to lead while others were not. But everyone has the potential to lead. The question is how to unlock this potential. That is the subject of the new e-book, “Leadership Diaries”, from Brazilian cartoonist, writer and former global executive Luciano Pires, which explains the hypocrisy of today’s world in a cheerful, humorous and provocative manner.

This book will help young people who are beginning their careers, as well as more experienced professionals, to understand how the professional universe works, based on the real experiences of an executive who led teams in a multinational corporation. And what’s more: the book presents the point of view of a Brazilian, with a cultural background that is different from those of Europeans, Asians or North Americans.

Written in a straightforward and good-humored language, “Leadership Diaries” surprises readers by presenting what should be obvious yet can no longer be seen, due to our busy agendas.

About the author:

Luciano Pires draws on a rare collection of attributes to create a compelling work: he is a cartoonist and writer with 6 published books, most of them focused on developing a critical eye as a way to enhance the ability to make decisions and sound judgments. For 26 years, Luciano was a top executive at a multinational corporation, leading teams of professionals in Brazil and in other countries, and delving deeply into the corporate theatre. He is the irreverent and provocative producer and host of one of Brazil’s foremost podcasts, Café Brasil. Luciano has become a prominent speaker who “walks the talk” transforming his calls for innovation into a reality.


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Leadership Diaries – versão mobi/kindle

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